Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cleanse revisited

Tomorrow Kelly and I start another cleanse. We did it in January for 3 weeks and both lost some weight and reset our diets. Unfortunately we have fallen off the health wagon somewhat ( one of us a bit more than the other) and now it is time to get back in line.   In this last week I have eaten Palomar hospital cranberry muffins (basically cake), half a box of Hot Tamales, Lorna Doone shortbread cookies, Molten Lava cake, regular chocolate cake, potato chips, beer, wine, mojitos and I' m sure there is more I can't remember.  So tomorrow we start a cleanse in which we eat only veggies, fruit, lentils,  and nuts.  No sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods of any kind.  No eggs, no fish, no tofu, no meat.   We use a program from the Whole Living  Magazine.  This will be the third time doing it.  The first time we did this we had massive headaches and fatigue for the first few days and then it got better.  It requires a lot of cooking and shopping for lots of veggies but it feels good once we get into it.  I'm not sure how a cleanse is really different than a diet.  But it sounds a lot cooler to be cleansing than dieting.  I guess the point is to clean yourself of toxins but who is kidding who that losing a few pounds isn't part of it.  

This morning before work I ran 3 miles in the neighborhood and then ran 4 sets of strides at the park.  When I got home I did my core exercise routine.  As usual it felt great to get this all done before my real day starts.  I hope to do the same tomorrow. Friday I work 10 hours at Zion Hospital and Saturday 24 hours at Palomar Hospital so unfortunately my running will be limited the rest of the week.   

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