Monday, July 22, 2013

90% Vegan

My son Aiden sleeping with our dog Max

A second post today because the first one was really from yesterday.  I tried to post it last night from my ipad but I had trouble so I waited until today on the PC.

I was supposed to go on a run this morning at 7am with my neighbor friend (also a mom of a 4th grader) but she cancelled at 6am.  She didn't sleep well so she begged off.  But I ran anyway!  And instead of doing the 3 miles we were going to do I did 4!  It was a good run, no significant pain except the stupid blister on my left big toe.  Still unsure about the shoes...

Besides being a runner I am also mostly a vegan.  I tell people I am 90% vegan, 8% vegetarian and 2% pescetarian.  When I am at home I eat vegan.  When we go out or travel I am vegetarian.  And rarely (like when we were in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago) I eat fish.  I tried being 100% vegan in the past twice and lasted about 6 months each time.  It is too difficult when eating out or travelling.  I know some people, especially animal rights folks, think this is a cop out.  I really do care about the treatment of animals. But I do the best I can do and that is that.  The primary reason I am mostly vegan, anyway, is for health.  I believe, and I think the evidence supports this, that eating vegan (or now it is called plant based since vegan has earthy hippy overtones to it) is the healthiest way to eat.   I don't know if it will prolong my life (yes I could get hit by a bus tomorrow) but I do know it makes me feel good now. 

When I have more time I want to figure out how to create a sidebar list of the blogs I like.  For instance, No Meat Athlete, the Athletarian, Brendan Brazier and more.  But my lunch hour is almost over and I still have some patients to call.  No run tomorrow as I have surgery early in the morning.

Today's run:
Finished Run: Jul 22, 2013, 7:58:45 AM
Route: New Route
Run Link:
Import Link:
Run Time: 42:11
Stopped Time: 0:00Distance: 4.06 miles
Average: 10:24 /mile
Fastest Pace: 7:57 /mile
Ascent: 377 feet
Calories: 432

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