Friday, July 19, 2013

New Running Shorts

New Running Shorts
This morning I ran 3 miles in my new running shorts.  This is the first pair I have owned that aren't the tighter spandex type. 
Here is a photo of Kelly and me after we ran the Coronado Valentines Day 10K.

The picture with Kelly shows the tye of shorts I normally wear.  Anyway the new shorts were okay for a 3 mile shorter run that wasn't too hot.  i.e. not too much sweating.  Anymore than that and I think chafing may be a problem.

It was a nice run at 7am in the fog this morning.  I didn't time it.  Sometimes I just like to run unencumbered with no phone, no gps, no watch.  But I probably ran about a 10:20 mile average.  I ran down Penasquitos drive to Carmel Mtn, turned right to the first turn past the new condo complex, up to Cuca, back to Penasquitos and back home which is 3 miles.  It is kind of a new thing for me running before work.  I like to sleep and it is HARD to make my self get out of bed to run.  But it sure is nice to have it done all before my day really starts.   I plan to keep this up for my shorter runs.  The long runs I will do on my week day off and the medium runs on the weekend.  My goal is to get 4-6 runs in per week instead of just the 3 I have been doing. 

My knee felt fine which is surprising since I ran long yesterday.  Small blister on left foot bothered me just a tad.  Hopefully as the new shoes wear in this will go away. 
Tonight is my 30 year high school reunion.  Should be interesting....

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