Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Aiden


Today Aiden turns 9 yrs old.  Happy Birthday to my baby boy.

After cuddling with my boy for a bit this morning I got myself up and went for an easy run followed by some strides in the park.  I ran about 3.75 miles around the hood.  I had one big hill and a few more ups and downs.  At the end of the run I did three 30 second strides at the park.  I haven't done those for a while and my quads were cramping by the 3rd set.  I was planning on doing 4 sets but the cramping on the 3rd made me think twice.  It is amazing how running as hard as you can for 30 seconds really works those leg muscles.  I then came home, made myself a chocolate smoothie and before sitting down to drink it did some core exercises.  Here is my routine adopted from Jason Fitzgerald:
For 45 seconds each with no break in between.
modified bicycle
plank on elbows
bridge with alternating leg lifts
side plank on elbow
modified bird dog(on hands and knees lift right arm and left leg and then alternate)
supine leg lifts
then repeat the above after a short rest.

This core routine works really well if I would just remember to do it regularly.

The rest of the day will be celebrating Aiden's bday with a trip to the beach and then dinner with a couple of his pals.  We are keeping it simple this year.  Though he did ask for Molten Lava Cake for his birthday cake.  Not in those exact words but he asked for the cake that has chocolate that pours out of it.  I guess he must have had it some time when we were out and remembered it.  So I got a recipe from Paula Deen (it looked good and easy despite my reluctance to have anything to do with her). I am going to boy it up by adding crumbled oreos on top to look like dirt and then put gummy worms on it too.  I'll post a photo if it looks good.  I've got to figure out when I am going to get in my next long run.  Tomorrow morning might of worked but I am going to get my hair cut and colored (going a bit shorter!) at 9:00 and then at noon we are meeting the cousins for lunch at Grandma's to further celebrate Aiden's birthday.  Maybe Sunday morning before Kelly and I leave to spend a night in Palm Springs for our anniversary.  More on that to come...

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