Thursday, August 22, 2013

What makes a good running partner?

 Icing my knee

As I write this I am icing my right knee.  I ran 10 miles this morning at Penasquitos Preserve.   My knee didn't hurt during the run but after and throughout the day it has been aching.  So I am icing it for the second time today. I think it may hurt more than usual because as I ran longer in this hideous heat my running form started to suffer. The 10 was hard as usual but the fringgin heat just about killed me.  I had to stop twice and walk up the hills and the last 2 miles I had to chant to myself " you can do it", " almost there" " just a little bit more" etc.  But I made it.  I think, though, I will wait until it cools down before I attempt more than 7 or 8 miles again.  

Self portrait at the 5 mile mark in Penasquitos, before the pain began

What makes a great running partner?  Well, let me tell you. First of all when they make plans to run with you they always show up.  Unless something huge comes up, they arrive.  They would never not show up just because they were tired or  didn't feel up to it.  This way you have to do the same.  And you can't skip a run when they don't show up because they always do.  Remember they are a great running partner.   Next, they run about the same speed as you.  Sometimes a bit faster which challenges you and sometimes a bit slower which makes you feel like you're an awesome runner.   But overall you're evenly matched.   And I like a talker.  I love a run that goes by quickly because I am happy listening to my partner.  However, I can't talk too much.  Some but not a lot, especially on hills and very long runs.  And it is especially nice when the talker is someone you like a lot.   

My water belt posing at a stream crossing in Penasquitos Preserve

Yesterday I ran at Torrey Pines with a pediatrician friend from work. She is all of the above in a running partner. Along with the fact that we, of course, have a lot in common.  And she may want to do a race with me too.. Icing on the cake.  

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