Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Haircut Photo (scroll to see)

Lake Hodges, Escondido, CA

I worked a 24 hour shift at Palomar Hospital yesterday.  I delivered 2 babies and did one circumcision.  Not a lot of work for 24 hours so I also watched the last 3 or 4 episodes of Orange is the New Black and the movie I AM.   They were both excellent viewing.  Orange is crazy messed up and blows you away. (I'm using messed up instead of the other word that really works better for this show but trying to keep this PG).  Many scenes in that show have stayed with me as I relive them in my head.  Watch it if you like intensity.  On the other side of the universe from prison is the movie I AM.  It covers philosophy, science, social issues all in a moving entertaining way.  Desmond Tutu and Howard Zinn and others are interviewed.  Watch it, it's good.  

But anyway, this is a blog about running so back to Lake Hodges.  I was supposed to leave work at 8:00am this morning but a last minute semi emergency found me in the operating room at 7:45. Why does that always happen??  So I left the hospital a bit after 9 and wasn't on the trail until 9:30.  It was still foggy which was heavenly but unfortunately that only lasted until around mile 2 when the sun came out and it got warm.  A bit of a cool breeze though kept it from being too hot and it was a very nice 5 plus mile run.  My right knee was hurting just a little which scares the bejeesuz out of me because I so don't want to slow down or stop running. 

Two observations from my run:  1) to the guy with no shirt (he was wearing it on his head, I told you it was getting warm out there), very lean body, and belt with multiple water bottles: Your furry dog that was practically being dragged by the leash doesn't want to run miles in the sun.  Take him to the dog park instead of the trail.  2) Lake Hodges isn't going to be much of a lake if we don't get some rain soon.  See picture below: (last year all that green was covered with water)

 One last thing.  Here is a picture of me with my new haircut.  It is a self photo and I only took about 20 (and erased 19) before this one was chosen as decent.  I am actually liking the haircut.  It is so nice to have shorter hair.  Feels freeing.  And here in suburbia, mommy land, short hair feels a little unique and daring.  Though my stepdaughter did ask "Don't old ladies get their hair cut short?"  Perhaps but maybe they are on to something.  
Have a great week.   
Today's run:
 Finished Run: Aug 4, 2013, 10:31:36 AM
Route: New Route
Run Link:
Import Link:
Run Time: 1:03:25
Stopped Time: 1:38
Distance: 5.73 miles
Average: 11:04 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:31 /mile
Ascent: 361 feet
Calories: 611


  1. Love your new haircut and am really enjoying reading how your training is going. I hope your knee doesn't give you much trouble!!

    1. Thanks Melissa for the comment. You are my first official comment on my blog! Yay!! Miss you. I ran by your old house this morning as I did hills on Janal and thought of you.