Saturday, September 7, 2013

so flippin hot

Sunrises and sunsets have been amazing all week

I haven't posted in a week because it is just too flippin hot to run.  My last run was on Tuesday and today is Saturday.  Every day it is about 85 degrees by 8 in the morning and 95 degrees by noon.  I just can't do it.  I also haven't been sleeping well because of the heat.  We have AC but it goes on and off all night and doesn't promote good sleep.  I know I am spoiled living in San Diego.  Once it goes out of the range of 65-75 degrees we all go crazy.

lethargic dog

The heat is also making the fleas on Max multiply.  So much so we called the vet about the new pill form of anti flea medicine.  Advantage hasn't been working well.  Before we gave him the pill we saw a bunch of fleas on him.  So hideous!  That was another reason I couldn't sleep well last night as I kept imagining the fleas jumping off him on to me when the fleas got a whiff of his new medicine.  It also didn't help that right after we gave him the pill Kelly and I decided to google it for side effects.  Note, we had already given the dog the pill and then we read about it.  Well, one post mentioned how her dog threw up 4 hours later (damn I should have given it in the morning not at 7pm at night) and another how her dog got lethargic and vomited.  I made him stop reading but he did add in a few positive remarks first.  As a doctor I should know better than google medicine side effects.  But anyway I kept waking up all night worrying about the dog vomiting on the carpet.  I am a bad person because I was only slightly worried about the dog and mostly worried about the carpet and having to clean it up at 3am.  The dog survived the night with no problem.  Though I must say he does seem a bit lethargic but no more so than any other of these ridiculously hot days!  The cats look pretty lethargic too!

 Kiko sleeping on Kelly's desk

Who knows when I will run again.  We do have a 5K fun run tomorrow to try to raise money for our neighborhood park.  But those fun runs with family and friends tend to have more walking then running involved.

Tuesday's run was 6 miles at Penasquitos Preserve.  The best part of it was that it was 6 miles and that felt quick and easy!

finished Run: Sep 3, 2013, 9:39:39 AM
Route: New Route
Run Link:
Import Link:
Run Time: 1:09:57
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 6.04 miles
Average: 11:35 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:02 /mile
Ascent: 135 feet
Calories: 618

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