Friday, September 13, 2013

Sienna's Playgarden Family 5K

Sunday morning my family and many other people from our neighborhood participated in a 5K to support Sienna's Playgarden.  It was fun to see so many people from our hood all gather together in Mission Bay De Anza Cove to run for a great cause.  I can't imagine the agony of losing one's child.  I refuse to even think about it because it is the worst pain I can imagine  And I so admire this woman, Jen, and her family for focusing on the positive in life and giving back after losing so much.  Some day when the funds are raised and the new playground equipment is installed I will think of this family on the many days I walk through Rolling Hills Park. 

I wish I had taken some photos of the event.  Photos of the families, the kids playing, all the Sienna t'shirts in action.  But no, instead I only took one photo.  Because I am a freak and selfish but what can I say?  The only picture I took was of the race results.  I came in 10th place in the women and 29th place overall.  My friend Cory came in 4th among the women!   Of course there were only about 300 participants or less and of course it was a local friendly race and not known among many runners and most people walked it.  But stilll!!  It may be the highest I ever place in a race.  So I think I will be proud and enjoy it.  I don't totally suck at this sport!  Yippee!

Check out the website for Sienna.

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