Monday, September 2, 2013

Run Max Run

Kelly mentioned to me after my last post that my recent writings have been on the negative side. That took me by surprise because I didn't really think or feel negatively. But that's not the first time that has come up for me and I suspect this is true for others. I remember years ago on vacation in Hawaii for a month with a girlfriend. We were staying with a high school friend. About half way through the trip she got really mad at me for complaining so much.  And I thought I was having a great time. It's definitely something I have to watch.

So let me just tell you, yesterday I had a great run.  We are camping for Labor day at Dos Picos park in Ramona.  I got up at about 8 and ran the Ernie Pantoja trail. It is a bit up and down with some rock stairs interspersed with rolling dirt trails.  It has pretty views of the local mountains. The entire trail is only a little over a half mile but all the way around the park is over one mile. Somehow I made it into a 5 mile run going around the trail 3 times along with some more of the park. The last mile and a half I picked up my dog, Max, to finish the run with me.  I love running with the dog even though he did make me trip over a rock and almost break my neck twice. He gets a bit excited and pulls me along the first half of the run. But, by the the last quarter of the run I am usually pulling him.  He has very little stamina.  It's too bad he can only run a mile or so because I would love to take him running more, for companionship and for protection. BUT, I am not complaining. It was a fun run. I felt excellent. The scenery was beautiful. The dog was an extra bonus. And I ended it at the pond where the boys were successfully catching fish!

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