Saturday, September 21, 2013

Run Your Own Race

Aiden had soccer today (he said this pic looked like he was doing the hokey pokey)

Run your own race.  You hear this from runners and see people write it in magazines.  In fact, I remember very clearly two guys running near me during the Silver Strand Half Marathon last year talking about just this.  One guy was pretty average looking wearing non specific running gear but the other guy was in hippie looking clothes.  I don't remember exactly what he was wearing and I am not sure what a hippie wears to run a race but he looked like one.  Anyway the non hippie guy was urging his girl friend to hurry up and run with him.  The Hippie guy then said, "hey, you gotta let her run her own race".  That stuck with me for some reason.

I was reminded of it the other day when I was out running once again at the Penasquitos Preserve. I love running there so much.  It is beautiful, quiet and not hilly (unless you run more than 6 miles then there are some pretty good hills).  Last week I ran what for me is now a short run of 4 miles.  When I know I am only going to run 4 miles I run faster than usual.  Likewise when I am going to run 8 or 10 I slow down.  So I was running a bit faster than normal and on my way back I passed a guy.  He was tall and thin and looked like he probably runs a bit.  As I ran by he said to me "I'm on a recovery run".  And I said"today is a short and fast day for me" as I left him in my dust.  Okay, not really in my dust but I did pass him and didn't see him again.  But the interesting part was how he had to let me know why he was going slow and I responded with why I was going fast.  I think these thoughts are so common among runners.  I know when I was injured and ran/walked around Lake Miramar when I walked I wanted to shout at every passing runner "my knee is injured!" Or when I am going around the lake twice for 10 miles and going slowly I want to tell runners that are going faster "I'm going twice that's why I am slow".  And this is not running our own races.  But it is so human.  And I like that.

Just some of the leftovers from juicing- what do you do with this besides compost??

I watched the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead yesterday and it inspired me to do a juice fast.  So, today I started and I feel really good.  I am meeting a good friend at one of my favorite restaurants tomorrow, Tender Greens.  And they have a great vegan mixed salad.  So, I probably won't officially start the juice fast until Monday.  Besides Kaylie and Kelly want to do it with me too and they are out of town this weekend.  But today felt good and I will probably juice most of tomorrow just skipping lunch.  I am a bit weird about food.  I like to try new things, always trying to improve my health.  The fast is supposed to be for 10 days.  We'll see.  I am not sure if I can do 10 days on juice alone.

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