Sunday, January 4, 2015

22 miles "all done. was horrible."

Ready to go...

At the start of the run when I had the energy to take a photo or two
When I finished my run today I texted Kelly.  I wrote "all done. was horrible." That was about all I could get out.  all done. was horrible.  I ran 22 miles today.  Well, I ran 18 miles today and alternated between hobbling and walking the last 4.  I really felt good until about mile 18 or it might have been 19.  My stupid watch went dead at mile 9.  (I guess I should have charged it).  I turned on my phone gps when my watch died but then I kept forgetting how far I had already gone on my watch.  Was it 7.8 miles or 8.7?  I got a little mixed up after that.  I knew my route, though, so I just ran it.  I had decided earlier this week to go up to Carlsbad to do a sightly shorter version of the actual marathon so I could get a picture of what the route is like. And I think this will be helpful.  There are a few hills but they really aren't that bad.  Overall it is a great course.  I think I could do really well on it if I only had a completely different body.  Like someone else's.  Preferably an experienced marthoner.  Or maybe a 25 year old body instead of my 50 year old one.
Who would pay $16 to join?  They should pay me to join to help offset the shock of getting this in the mail. 

Another great option would be if maybe the marathon could be changed to 18 miles or even 20 miles instead of 26.2.  Like I said I felt pretty good until about 18.  And then all hell broke loose on my body.  I felt fine energy wise and breath wise.  I felt strong enough to run a lot longer in that area but everything below my waist basically felt like shit.  My hips hurt, my feet killed, my big toe throbbed and worst of all (which is totally new) my left knee cried out with sharp piercing pain.  I would run about 1/8th of a mile and then my knee would hurt so much I would have to stop and walk about the same distance and then repeat.  I basically did this until I reached my car.

I was so glad to see that car.  The shoes came off immediately.  I was smart enough to bring my orthopedic sandals.  My left toe was so stiff I had to use my fingers to actually open the space between the toes to slide on the sandal.  Then I texted Kelly because I didn't want him to worry since I was running a bit later than I had said.  I ate my bagel I also had smartly brought and then carefully drove homeward.  I also remembered to bring my credit card so I went and got burritos on the way home.   I went to MXN because they have drive though and I wasn't sure if I could get out of the car and walk.
Drive through window

Biggest soda I have ever bought!

22 miles.  I did it but I barely survived it.  As I was running/hobbling/walking those last few miles I kept thinking about the difference between a half marathon and a full marathon.  I may have mentioned this in my blog before but I think of this often when I am running long distances.  I remember sitting on a bus going to a starting line with a bunch of runners.  I was chatting with a woman who was a little older than I and a bit more experienced running wise.  She had done quite a few marathons.  I recall so clearly saying to her.  "I think if I can do a half I should be able to do a full marathon"  What the f was I thinking?  I wonder if she thought I was a flippin idiot.  Because now I think that.  It is totally completely different!  Ha ha.  But now, every once in a while (not today), I wonder if I could to an ultramarathon?  Oh my god, I am such an idiot.
It's painful but good....

And then this to warm me back up.

Anyway, today was horrible.  But I basically did it even if I did hobble/walk the end.  Now,  can I do 4 more miles?  I may be crawling but I think I can do it.  It just won't be pretty.
My best animal friends right where I plan to spend the rest of the day.

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