Sunday, January 11, 2015

Counting down...

After my first Half Marathon with my awesome support team in March 2012
One week away. I am getting nervous and excited.  It's still a full week but I am already having a little trouble sleeping just thinking about it.  With my first couple half marathons this really only happened the last day or two.  But everything has been accentuated with this race.  The time, the training, the injuries, the fun, the satisfaction are all multiplied by more than just two.

It's going to be really hard.  But that's why it is a marathon.  As my coach wrote on her facebook page: (she was quoting someone else just to be straight)  "If you want it to be easy, don't be a runner.  If you want it to be the most rewarding challenge of your life, lace 'em up and start today!" Also on facebook, Nicholas Kristof shares about two guys thru-hiking the PCT during the winter. That takes guts and determination (and training and skill).  I admire this and in my way feel that I am emulating it.

For some people the marathon is not that big of a deal.  And maybe not that hard for some.  But for me it is a huge challenge.  I decided I wanted to do it a few years ago.  Last year during the half at Carlsbad there was a point when you have to go right for the half and left for the full and a man was there directing the runners.  I told him, pointing to the left, "next year I'm going that way".  Not long after that run I developed plantar fasciitis and was forced to take a brief respite from running (6 weeks but it felt like 6 months). Even then I had it in my mind to do the marathon.  I researched for a coach and by serendipity, through an article in Competitor magazine that a friend read, I found the perfect one for me.  And then through multiple injuries I trained and recovered and trained some more.

This last week, like most of the weeks in the last 6 months, has been bumpy.  After the 22 miler a week ago by hip was killing me.  I visited my primary care doc and got a steroid shot in the trocanteric bursa of my left hip.  That was Thursday and now Sunday I think it is starting to feel better.  But it has been hurting a lot and that scares and worries me for next Sunday.  As I was reading the article about the winter hikers and all their foot problems and pain and that they have just kept going it felt like a little message to me to do the same.  I am tough.  I'll make it or at least I will give it my all trying.

So, I hope the hip makes it through and the knee.  I hope my nutrition is good and I don't feel too queasy with too much or weak with too little. Same goes with my hydration.  It looks like the weather will be good.  I am glad it wasn't today, rainy.  But let's hope it isn't too warm by the time I finish.  I hope I ordered the size small t-shirt and that it fits right.  This one I might want to wear when I run.  I hope I finish close to my time goal.  But even if I don't I hope I finish happy and proud.  When I completed my very first half marathon my family saw me near the end and thought I looked worse than when they had seen me a few miles before at the top of the hill.  But I wasn't feeling bad I was feeling verklempt.  Which means choked with emotion.  I had worked hard to get there.  So if you are one of my wonderful friends and family that are coming out to cheer me on don't be surprised if you see a few tears at the end.  It's been a long road.  Thanks for sharing it with me.  See you at mile 12 or 16 or hopefully 26.2!  XOXO

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