Monday, July 21, 2014

Looking up

Note: this post was written about one month ago but my computer went on the fritz so I couldn't post it until now.
Long time no see.  Sorry to ignore you my little blog but you are about running and I haven't done much of that lately.  Damn Plantar's Fasciitis.  It seems like such a little condition and of course in the real picture it is a little thing.  But it sure has thrown a monkey wrench in my running plans.  The last great run I had was the day I wrote my last blog post in the end of April.  I was so excited about how great it felt to run at PQ preserves, my favorite running spot.  But that night or the next day my feet started killing me again.  So off to the podiatrist I went again. He didn't really have that much to offer and I had already pretty much decided that I would take a full 8 weeks off of running to really let my PF heal and then start slowly again.

So that is where I am now.  I only took 6-7 weeks off because I was feeling better in regards to the PF and so depressed without running that I just had to start again.  I am really really trying to not up the running quickly.  I started with .5 mile runs and now have worked up to 2.5 miles.  I think I will stay around 2.5-3 mile runs for a few weeks before going up any further.  I am icing my feet in ice water after each run which is quite uncomfortable but seems to help.  I am also rolling my feet on the contraption Kelly bought me a while back.  And rolling my calves and sleeping with a boot. And I only wear supportive shoes making me miss my cute sandals and heels but you gotta do what you gotta do.   I so hope this will be enough to eventually get me back on track.

I have also found a trainer I am super excited about hiring to help me attain my marathon goal.  She is an accomplished runner but also a mother and trains people of all levels.  I hope she can help me get to the Carlsbad Marathon next January in good shape.  But I also have to be realistic that it may be a longer journey than expected if this PF won't cooperate.

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