Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Happy Happy to run with Max

So happy to run outside in beautiful Penasquitos Preserve

I haven't written on my blog in quite a few weeks because I have been a bit depressed around my running.  My plantar fasciitis (pf) got a lot worse.  It was so bad that I wasn't even wanting to walk Aiden to school (2 blocks) because my feet hurt.  And I walked around thinking with every step "my feet hurt".  So, blogging about my journey to the marathon seemed pointless because I wasn't sure if the marathon was ever really going to happen.  Though it is the journey I am writing about.  And injury and backing off on running is part of that journey.

My last race before my pf got too bad. 

When my pain in my feet, especially the right foot, got so bad that it hurt all the time and was limiting my enjoyment in just day to day activities I finally decided to see a doctor.  Which I think is a bit hilarious that as a doctor that very last thing I want to do is go see a doctor.  But anyway my primary care physician (who is awesome) sent me to a podiatrist.  The podiatrist was also very helpful and supportive of my running.  He gave me a cortisone shot into my heel (which hurt like a motherf***) but gave me almost instantaneous relief.  It was tender from the shot but the pf pain felt much better.  I had stopped running for one week prior to my podiatry appointment and I committed myself to not running for another 2 weeks after.  I did go to the gyn frequently and used the elliptical but blogging about my elliptical workouts is not good reading.
I was signed up to do the 15K but did the 5K instead due to my pf

It was fun to do it with my good friends from the hood

On April 15 two weeks after my cortisone shot I started running again.  My podiatrist had said to start slow which I thought would be a mile or two but he said one block!  (of course the blocks in my neighborhood are about 2 miles but I knew what he meant).  So I started slowly and have worked my way back up to 3 or 4 mile runs.  And my foot feels okay.  Not perfect but I think it may be months before it is completely normal.  At least that is what I gather from many conversations and readings I have done on the subject.

The silver lining of the injury has been that I started doing yoga again.  Quite a while back someone at work who is a runner had recommended that I do yoga to help prevent injury in running.  I kept that thought in my brain but only recently found a space in life to let it happen.  The yoga I am currently doing is slow flow warm yoga.  I have tried one class of hot yoga (105 degrees) and I liked it okay but got a heck of a headache that night.  It was the same headache I get if I don't hydrate well after a 10 mile run.  I will probably do it again though because it was great for stretching.  The warm yoga at 90 degrees is also great though and no headache.  I think the hour of stretching is really good for my legs and for the pf too.  And surprise surprise Kelly tried the yoga restorative class and liked it and is going to take the fundamentals class and do yoga too!  Have I mentioned I love my husband?  Because I do.
PQ So beautiful!

And I love my dog!  Today was super exciting because I took Max for a 3 mile run and he ran the whole thing strong.  In the past when I have tried to run with him he has quit after a mile or two and has laid down in the shade and I have had to drag him up to get him home.  It was quite a surprise when he did so well today.  I think it was his legs hurting him before and not just his lack of stamina or desire. He had bilateral knee surgeries over the last year and is now completely healed.  So maybe I have a new running partner?!  At least for my shorter runs.  So happy.

Please let my stretching, yoga and slow return to running keep my feet and body happy so I can keep on going.   I really want to do that Marathon.  Maybe next January or maybe after that but someday please.


  1. I have PF as well and it's awful. I ended up getting inserts in my running shoes and what a difference it has made! I can't imagine a cortisone shot in my foot - ouch! So glad to see you are out and back at it - slowly is better than not at all:-) Nice that you and Kelly can do yoga together.

    1. It is amazing how many people have had or have PF. It does suck. Yeah, I never though he would want to try Yoga but it was his idea!