Monday, December 16, 2013

Self talk and Marathon Plans

X-training on the bike

My training has been going great lately. I downloaded a training program I purchased from the No Meat Athlete website. It has me doing tempo runs and intervals along with easy runs and slow long runs.  Mixing it up a bit has helped with the boredom issue. I think it is also helping with strength.  Tomorrow morning I plan to get up before work and go do an interval session at the park down the street.  It only takes 30 minutes which is sweet to be done so quickly. I do 5 minutes of an easy warmup run then do 1 minute as fast as I reasonably can then 2 minutes slow jog and repeat a total of 6 times followed by a 5 minute cool down.  My legs have been a little sore from this workout which is good.

Our friend Rick taking a jump

I'm about 90% sure I am going to sign up for the marathon in the redwoods up by Eureka CA.  I think I am ready to up the mileage and training. My pediatrician friend, Alisa, is going to do some of the long runs with me. She had surgery on her leg for an ileo tibial band injury not too long ago so isn't ready to do the full marathon yet but she is ready to do some training runs. I love running with her. She is fun to talk to and the miles fly by. We ran 8 on Saturday morning at PQ preserve and it felt easy as pie.  My body was a little sore after but mostly I felt great.

Sunday I cross trained on the bike.  Well, really we just did a family bike ride at PQ preserves also.  We rode 3 miles to the waterfall and back.  Kelly got a nice new mountain bike which I hope he uses a lot. His knees hurt so he doesn't like to run but hopefully the bike will work well for him.
My Man

I really love to run. I was thinking about it the other day and wondering why this is so. Why do I love to run mile after mile.  There are a lot of reasons but one that I think is big is the fact that to do it at all you have to believe in yourself .  You can't run 5 miles or even one mile if first you don't believe that you can. And then while you are doing it you have to be nice to yourself and say things like, "you can do this" and " keep on going you've got this".  It's nearly impossible to run and tell yourself negative words. And this may be true in other activities as well but for me it is very apparent in running.  

Christmas traditions are awesome!

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